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Sash, my tabby cat

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Sash's favorites





Favorite food:  Dry and canned food at the moment!
Favorite canned food: Just about any fish flavor
Favorite hobby:  Eating and Sleeping, in that order too and waking mommy up at night
Favorite toy:  Cat  Charmer, catnip toys, brown bags and plastic bags (when supervised and without handles)
Favorite snack:  donuts, cakes and pop tarts when mommy will share with me, cat grass
Favorite gourmet food:  Shrimp!!
Favorite person:  mommy and I love my papa too
Favorite season:  probably winter,  since I have more energy then and it's also mom's favorite season!
Favorite sleeping place:  it depends on my mood, on the sofa, on the bed, on mom's lap,  on the floor, in the chair's, on brown bags, and in the sun!
Favorite flower:  Impatients, I love to nibble on flowers, when mom let's me