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Sash, my tabby cat

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about me



 I'm Lisa (Sash's mommy)

Please visit my other site to meet the wonderful cats that have shared my life.



Me, Sash and Lucki

 This is Sash's site, but I will tell you a little about me, since I'm his mommy. I fell in love with cats when I was 18. My dad brought home my first cat, a beautiful grey kitten he found at the park. We named him Kit. Then a year later came Blackie, who we bought at the pet store. Kit and Blackie are now at the Rainbow Bridge, missed dearly. Then as I was about to get my own apartment I found Sash and Lucki on my way to the mall. Sadly, Lucki passed away at three years old. That was a very sad time for me but with the help of Sash I got through it. When each of my cats passed away a part of me left too, it was very hard.
I live with my boyfriend and best friend Will and our kid Sash. We've all been together a very long time now. I don't have any kids nor do I want any, I prefer to grow old with animals. I love all animals, I'm also a vegetarian and animal rights advocate. I have many interests which include decorating, reading, taking long walks, spending time on the computer, dining out and of course shopping! Oh yeah, I also love to "people watch" and go sightseeing different areas.  I'm a pretty nosey person, lol!
I would love to one day open a special place to take in special needs cats. The older ones or any that would be less likely to be adopted or who have had a rough life. That would bring me great joy. Well, enough about me let's get back to my boy Sash!