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Sash, my tabby cat

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about Sash


 Sash is a very sweet and affecionate cat, he's probably the most affecionate cat I've ever had. He just glows with happiness you can see it all over his face, his eyes always look so alive and radiant. Sash is a very happy boy and it shows and it makes me so happy! I talk to Sash very often and he always opens his mouth and  nods his head to me as if to acknowledge he knows I'm talking to him. I get so happy when he does this! Actually, everything my boy does makes me happy.  My face probably glows as much as his does when I look at him.

Sash is also a lap cat and loves to jump up on my lap or my boyfriends (papa).  He's not so friendly though with strangers, now he doesn't run and hide but he doesn't want anyone to get too friendly or touch him much. He prefers to just observe company. I think he's just so spoiled and possessive of his home and love for us. Don't worry Sash no one is going to take you away!

Sash sleeps with me everynight, if it's too warm he might sleep at the bottom of the bed, but he's always right there. If it's cooler or winter he will be curled right up in the cradle of my arm with his head laying on my shoulder and purring away. It's so adorable and  makes me feel so loved.

Sash just loves food sooo much! He loves dry food and will eat canned food too daily. His favorite time to eat has always been the night time hours (mommy's sleeping time), although he will eat all day too. Sash has always gotten me up alot in the night, most people would not have put up with this or encouraged this behavior. I know I'm wrong for doing this but I love my boy so much and spoil him a little too much.  Well, it's hard to stop this now since I don't have the heart to put him out of the bedroom, that's not an option. I just remind myself no matter how tired I might be that my boy is happy and feels good and that's what counts!  Sash has certainly received some wacks on his butt at times though, most of the time I'm pretty patient though. He's just too cute not to be. My boy means more than my sleep, I can always take a cat nap later.

Sash doesn't play that much anymore and it's sometimes hard for me to see him getting  a little older. I certainly encourage him to play and he shows interest but I think he's just a little too lazy and would rather eat. Believe me, he does have his active moments, when he can run with the best of them. He still acts just like a kitten at times, just not as often.  He loves cat grass and lately has been jumping up on the counters again. Yay!! He loves to eat and sleep and I think in that order too. Sash is kinda strange that he never enjoyed looking out windows much. I don't know, I even bought him a window seat once but he didn't seem to like it too much. Oh well, he's happy and that's what counts I just wish he had more interests sometimes. He's always loved to watch me doing things, I guess I'm his interest.

Sash has been pretty healthy his entire life except for some chronic sneezing/sniffling which he pretty much developed after I found him with a bad upper respiratory infection. It was pretty intermittent for most of his life except for about 2-3 years when it became chronic with sneezing attacks, discharge and coughing daily. The coughing was very scarey and upsetting to me. I assumed it was from his nasal discharge but was always worried he could be asthmatic too. I was always afraid of using antibiotics or anything that may stress his immune system, we did use them a few times but not often.  I used instead many homeopathic and herbal treatments, you name it I tried it! I don't think anything helped that much though. Sash remained pretty much unaffected by his chronic condition and always had his appetite and remained happy and vibrant. I worried so much though. Well, at his checkup in Sept. 03  he was given the antibiotic Zeniquin and he has rarely coughed or sneezed since, except for a very few small episodes that didn't amount to much, thank god! I'm very happy about this and glad we gave it a try. May I say thanks to Sash's vet too! I know my boy is happy nothing is bothering him, even though he handled it like a trooper! I know this could always return though, but we will handle anything as long as were together. I say my prayers daily for my boy's health.

Well, you have probably heard enough about Sash by now. As you can see I could talk about my boy forever.  He's the love of my life.